Riding Circuit

A long time ago,  judges used to ride circuit, meaning go out into the district to hear cases.  The Supreme Court of Ohio is doing exactly that tomorrow, hearing cases at the Highland County Court House in Hillsboro. This is part of the Off-Site Court Program, started in 1987 by the late Chief Justice Tom Moyer. The Court sits outside Columbus twice a year. The program is chiefly an educational one for students.  Other members of the public are welcome to attend as well. 

On the docket tomorrow in Hillsboro are a constitutional challenge to Ohio’s Smoke Free Workplace Law (Jackson v. Bartec, Inc.), the constitutionality of a warrantless stop of a car based on a tip to a police dispatcher that the occupant needs emergency medical help (State v. Dunn), the consequences of juror misconduct in a criminal case where a juror did independent research (State v. Gunnell), and the constitutionality of the placement by police of a GPS device under a car without a warrant (State v. Johnson).  All these cases are previewed on the blog.

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