Court of Appeals Judge Judith French to Replace Justice Stratton.

Gov. Kasich today appointed Judge Judith French to the Ohio Supreme Court to replace retiring Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton.  Judge French currently sits on the Tenth District Court of Appeals in Columbus. Her appointment becomes effective January 1, 2013, and is for an unexpired two year term.  She must run for election in November 2014, for a full six year term.

Here’s the link announcing the appointment and detailing Judge French’s background.

Here’s Judge French’s page on the Tenth District Court of Appeals website:

When the Supreme Court of Ohio resumes its docket in early January of 2013, it will do so with three new justices—Sharon Kennedy, Bill O’Neill, and Judith French.  That’s quite a change on a seven person court.  One of the fascinating dynamics of an appellate court that really differs from a trial court is the influence the justices have on one another.  Much remains to be seen.


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