The End of Summer

Well, I begin teaching a new crop of law students today, and the Supreme Court of Ohio resumes oral arguments tomorrow, which means the blog will crank back up again.   See this post about the cases the blog has previewed and analyzed that are still under submission.

For those of you who may be new to the blog, I subjectively select which cases to preview and analyze.  If I chose them all, I’d have to give up my day job as a law professor.  None of the ones being argued this week made my list, but if you are interested, the subjects are briefly summarized below, and you can watch the oral arguments in real time or in the archive by streaming video (my ongoing kudos to the Court for doing this).

On this week’s calendar are a death penalty appeal, a tax case about whether the sale price of property is the correct value to use for taxation purposes, questions about the jurisdiction of juvenile courts to sentence a juvenile beyond the statutory minimum and to serve certain consecutive sentences, whether the PUCO appropriately considered evidence in a telecommunications case, the statewide regulation of towing companies, a due process challenge to procedures used at a hearing of the Ohio Power Siting Board, and two attorney discipline cases.

Welcome back.



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