Hiatus in Upcoming Oral Arguments. The Reality of an Elected Judiciary?

Updated October 15, 2014. Oral arguments will not resume until January 2015.

As of this morning, Tuesday September 30, 2014, there are no upcoming oral arguments posted on the Oral Argument Calendar on the Supreme Court of Ohio website.  The calendar for last week’s September 23 and 24 arguments are the most recent postings, and are still up.

Two justices are running for election this November.  Justice French was appointed to the bench by Gov. Kasich in January of 2013 to an unexpired two year term, and Justice Kennedy won an election in November of 2012 for an unexpired two year term, so each has to run this year to retain her seat.  Each is running for a full six year term.

This abbreviated fall schedule is probably a nod to political reality.

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