Appeals Consulting Services

Marianna Brown Bettman is Distinguished Teaching Professor and Professor of Practice Emerita at the University of Cincinnati College of law. She joined the faculty in July of 1999, and retired February 1, 2016. She taught torts, legal ethics, and a seminar on the Supreme Court of Ohio. She continues to be a frequent presenter on Supreme Court of Ohio cases at continuing legal education seminars.

Before Bettman joined the faculty of the University of Cincinnati College of Law, she was a judge on the Ohio First District Court of Appeals from February 1993 – February 1999. She was the first woman ever elected to this position. While on the bench, Bettman participated in over 1,000 appeals, both civil and criminal.

Bettman has been blogging on significant cases from the Supreme Court of Ohio since 2010. Through her blog, she previews oral arguments, analyzes the arguments, predicts the outcome, and analyzes of the merit decision in selected cases from the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Marianna Brown Bettman is available for consultation to attorneys statewide for cases in the Ohio intermediate courts of appeals and the Supreme Court of Ohio. She is available to attorneys representing either appellants or appellees. She works only for attorneys; not individual clients. She can provide the following services:

  • Overall assessment of the appeal
  • Help in drafting assignments of error and propositions of law
  • Editing
  • Assistance in preparation of jurisdictional memoranda
  • Helping in preparation of oral argument

Although Bettman does not write briefs or memoranda, she is happy to make recommendations for writing briefs and memoranda.

Interested lawyers should contact Bettman at